When ordering pottery batts or systems, we always recommend that you measure your wheelhead yourself. Please don't assume that the manufacturer's information is accurate because sometimes there can be minor variations, and each wheel is different.

Select from the standard sizes given on our website, or request a bespoke design by entering your own wheelhead diameter measurement in the 'Bespoke' option.

You can check the accuracy of your wheelhead diameter measurement by measuring both the diameter and the circumference of your wheelhead in millimetres. If your measurements are correct, you will find that the Circumference divided by 3.142 is equal to the Diameter. If not, we would recommend that you repeat your measurements until you are satisfied that they are correct. They should match each other within a millimetre. 

Wheels WITHOUT batt pins;

Our Over-the-Wheel Tile Batt Systems have been created especially for wheels with NO batt pins.  They are specifically designed to be slightly bigger than your wheelhead measurement. This is essential in order for the master batt to go on and off easily. It is quite normal to have a millimetre or so of movement when you put your master batt on the wheel. When the wheel starts spinning, and the wet batt rug is in place, there will be no excess movement. This is part of the unique design. It has been successfully tested for throwing up to 10kg of clay.

Measuring Wheel Head Size and Batt Pin Locations 

When ordering a batt system for Pottery Wheels WITH batt pins, please provide the following measurements in mm so that we can locate your batt pin holes accurately.  We recommend that you always use a good quality, metal, measuring tape or ruler as per the example shown below.  

Click Here to download a copy of this drawing

Wheel Head Size

1) Measure from position A to position D using an accurate tape measure / rule.

Batt and Batt Pin Dimensions

2)  From the left perimeter of the wheel head (A) to the centre of the first batt pin head (B).

3)  From the centre of the first batt pinhead (B) to the centre of the second batt pinhead (C).

4)  From the centre of the second batt pinhead (C) to the right perimeter of the wheel head (D).

5)  If you add up measurements 1,2,3,& 4 the total number should be the same as your wheel head.

Size of Batt pin holes.

Measure the diameter of your batt pin bolt heads using an accurate metal measuring tape.  We cut our batt pin holes to fit standard metric 10mm batt pin bolts. We precision cut them so there is just enough room for the hole to slot over the batt pin bolt head.  We cut one circular hole, and one slot shaped hole to allow enough room for the holes to fit over the bolt heads.

If you have imperial bolts (1/4 inch bolts / 6.2mm), or old batt pins which are not the standard 10mm metric size, please let us know.  We can cut your batt pin holes the same size as your batt pin bolt head plus 0.2mm.

It is important that we get the sizing of your batt pin bolt heads correct, so please ensure that you measure accurately. We recommend the Batt Pin size is measured using a Vernier Caliper such as the one below if you have one available.

Please note that if an order is placed with bespoke features / sizes requested it will not be possible to offer any exchange products or refunds unless the items supplied are faulty or do not meet the ordered specification. 

Contact us at if you require any assistance - we are here to help.  We are always happy to offer advice and support.  However, responsibility for the accuracy of your measurements lies with you.  It is not possible for us to do this on a remote basis with photographs / videos alone.