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Tile Batt Systems

Welcome to Hartley & Noble - Home of the Russian Doll Batt System! All our products are designed and manufactured by us in our workshop in the UK. Please measure your wheel head before ordering. Click here to view our wheelhead measuring guides. 

We are the sole designers and manufacturer's of all our Tile Batt Systems.  All designs and intellectual rights are registered to Hartley & Noble Ltd. Please do not attempt to copy them.  We will treat any infringement with legal action.  

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Over-the-Wheel Master Batt (Extra / Replacement)
Standard Tile Batt System (Batt Pins)
Tabletop Pottery Wheel Batt System
Extra Tile Inserts (Pack of 5)
Tile Size Adaptors
Tiny Batt System
Stay Put Batt Rug
The Hartley & Noble BIG Batt Kit
Bisque Tile Over-the-Wheel Batt & Rug
Bisque Tile Master Batt
5 Extra Tile Inserts for Bisque  Batt Systems