The BIG Throwing Batt

The BIG Throwing Batt

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This item includes;

1 x BIG Throwing Batt OR choose our money-saving multi-pack of 4 (Select from the options available when ordering).

Click on the link below to see a video of how the BIG Batt works;

An Introduction to the Hartley & Noble BIG Batt

  • The Hartley & Noble 'BIG Throwing Batt' is designed specifically for pottery wheel heads with NO Batt Pins.  
  • We invented the BIG Throwing Batt so that you can increase the surface area that you have on your wheel head to throw. For example, if you have a 250mm wheel head, and you want to increase it to 300mm so that you can throw dinner plates or wide based pots.  
  • It slots into EITHER our 'BIG Master Batt', OR the hole in the Master Batt of our 'Over-the-Wheel Russian Doll', and our 'Standard Over-the-Wheel Batt System'. 
  • If you do not own one of these Master Batts, please click here to order our 'BIG Batt Kit' instead.
  • Our BIG Throwing Batts are cut from 18mm Economy MDF, giving you a 12mm thickness batt to throw on. To prolong the life of economy material, we recommend that you remove pots / plates when you have finished throwing them.  This will ensure that the batt is not kept wet for prolonged periods of time, making it less prone to warping.

How To Order your 'BIG Throwing Batt'.

1) Select the diameter you would like us to make your BIG Throwing Batt.  Enter that in the drop down box "Batt Size".

2) In the "Tile Insert Size" box, select the diameter of the Master Batt that you will be slotting your BIG Batt into;

   - If you have a Standard Size Over-the-Wheel Russian System this will be 200mm.
   - If you have a Standard Over-the-Wheel Batt System this will be 150mm.
   - If you do not have one of our Over-the-Wheel Systems, you need to buy the BIG Batt Kit Instead. Click here to     view the BIG Batt Kit.

3) When deciding what size you want your BIG Throwing Batt, remember to leave yourself enough room between the edge of your wheelhead, and your splash pan... just so you can get your hands in the gap comfortably.  . 

How to look after this product:

- Please do not leave our products soaking in water.  Wood is a natural product, and this can cause swelling and warping.
- To clean just wipe with a damp sponge to remove any clay.
- Remove batts and batt rugs from your wheel when not in use.
- Dry your batts vertically.
- Do not dry near a source of heat like your kiln or the radiator.
- Once fully dry you can stack them on top of eachother horizontally.
- Do not use metal scourers or screwdrivers on these batts as this can cause damage.


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    The BIG Throwing Batt
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    The BIG Throwing Batt
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Big batt

I love my big batt which fits onto my Russian doll system. I have a large wheel head (38cm) and the thickness of the large batt ensures there is no movement as the wheel turns. I have tried thinner batts which wobble as the wheel turns, however, this thicker batt is very sturdy .

Fantastic after sales service. One call and Nicky gets things sorted promptly. Thankyou so much.

Carolyn M Noble | South lincs | October 2020