Stay Put Batt Rug

Stay Put Batt Rug

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Our Stay-Put Batt Rug is designed to be used with our Throwing Batts, Over-the-Wheel Pottery Batt Systems and Batt Adaptors. 

How to use the Stay-Put Batt Rug with our Over-the-Wheel Batt System:
To use, soak the material in water and gently squeeze just  a little of the water out. Smooth flat onto your wheelhead, lay the tabs flat over the edge, and place the master batt on top. Tap the batt down with your hand to ensure good contact.  Always remove the batt rug after use.  The Batt Rug is made from synthetic material.

Our original batt rug (without tabs) will continue to be sold as we move into 2024. From the end of March 2024, this new style (with tabs) will be gradually introduced to our product range. Both styles of batt rug have the same 'stay-put' properties, and are the perfect partner for all of our Over-the-Wheel style Batt Systems.

How to look after me
Always remove the item from your wheel once you have finished using it.
Rinse out in clean water and squeeze to remove excess water.
Leave to dry, unfolded (ready for use next time). 
You can expect to have to replace your Stay Put Batt Rug every so often.  As a guide, if you are using it several times a week it will normally last 3 to 4 months.

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    Premium MDF
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    Stay Put Batt Rug
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    Stay Put Batt Rug
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    Hartley & Noble
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Ordered this as I got a bigger batt and as I ordered it slightly bigger than my batt it holds it in place perfectly

Richard Farrell | London | March 2021

Great Batt Rug

This batt rug is a good alternative to clay pads or pins. It's easy to use and does a great job at keeping my batts in place on the wheel head.

Alex | Glasgow | April 2020