Stay Put Batt Rug

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Our Stay-Put Batt Rug is designed to be used with our premium MDF Throwing Batts,Tile Batt Systems, and 12mm Economy MDF Batts.
To use, soak the material in water and squeeze out. Smooth flat on to your wheelhead and then place a batt on top. Tap the batt down with your hand to ensure good contact.  Always remove the batt rug after use.  The Batt Rug is made from synthetic material.

Please note that we have tested this Edit Product using good quality batts that are not warped (and are not made from marine ply).  It is unlikely to work with poor quality, old or warped pottery batts.

How to look after me

Always remove the item from your wheel once you have finished using it.
Rinse out in clean water and squeeze to remove excess water.
Leave to dry, unfolded ready for use next time. 

Demonstration Video

The beginning of the video below shows you how to use the system.

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    Premium MDF
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    Hartley & Noble
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