Over-the-Wheel Russian Doll Batt System (No Batt Pins)

Over-the-Wheel Russian Doll Batt System (No Batt Pins)

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The Over The Wheel Russian Doll Batt System is manufactured from our Premium 15mm MDF.  It's unique design is made especially to fit pottery wheels with NO batt pins.  

The system includes the following items:

- 1 x Master Batt
- 1 x Stay-Put Batt Rug (Made from a synthetic non-animal Product)
- 1 x 200mm - 150mm adaptor (made in 6mm Premium MDF)
- 1 x 200mm - 100mm adaptor (made in 6mm Premium MDF)
- 5 x 100mm Tile inserts (made in 6mm Premium MDF)
- 5 x 150mm Tile inserts (made in 6mm Premium MDF)
- 5 x 200mm Tile inserts (made in 6mm Premium MDF)

The diameter of the master batt is made-to-measure according to the size of your wheelhead. Always measure your wheel before ordering, do not use the manufacturers booklet.  Please click here for our video guide to measuring your wheelhead. If you don't see your size listed simply enter your measurements in the "Bespoke" box and we will make you a custom system.  

Please note that our Over-the-Wheel Tile Batt Systems are specifically designed to be slightly bigger than your wheelhead measurement.  This is essential in order for the master batt to go on and off easily.  It is quite normal to have a millimetre or so of movement when you put your master batt on the wheel.  When the wheel starts spinning, and the wet batt rug is in place, there will be no excess movement.  This is part of the unique design.  It has been successfully tested for throwing up to 10kg of clay.  

The minimum size wheel head required for this batt system is 300mm.  We can however make you a smaller / adapted version and offer additional tiles. Please get in touch with us at sales@hartleyandnoble.co.uk if you'd like any assistance. 

To Use:

Soak the Batt Rug in water. Place flat and smooth on the wheel. Then place the master batt on top, and use the tile inserts as required. Throw! 

How to look after me

Do not leave batts soaking in water.  Wood is a natural Product and this could cause swelling or warping.
To clean just wipe with a damp sponge to remove any clay.
Remove the batts and rug from the wheel when not in use.   
Do not stack these batts together, dry & store vertically..
Do not use metal scourers or screwdrivers on these batts as this can result in damage.

Demonstration Video

The video below shows you how to use the system.  It was kindly made by @mae.ceramics (do check out more of her work on instagram)

Bespoke Orders

Please note that if an order is placed with bespoke features / sizes, it will not be possible to offer any exchange products or refunds unless the items supplied are faulty or do not meet the ordered specification.  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.    

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Hannah Russell - Beverley

This is such a great product!

The main batt fits my wheel well, the cloth holds it in place firmly, and the square bats nest inside the cutouts perfectly. It's already saving me so much time while throwing, and the pots just lift off when leather hard.

Up until now I was using the cheapest bats made from poor quality mdf and they would swell horribly and stick to the base.

I can't recommend this product enough.

Jordana - Nederland - Den Haag

Perfect batt system

I didn't want to make holes in my pottery wheel so this is a perfect solution. It arrived today and I'm already super happy with the product!

Carolyn M Noble - South lincs

Great piece of kit

Love my Russian doll batt system which has transformed the way I work. No more distorted pots. I've had it for over a year and when it has been cleaned up it looks as good as the day I started using it. Great quality premium MDF. Thankyou so much

Richard Farrell - London

Best investment ever

This is by far the best pottery investment I've made. So easy to use and allows for the perfect thrown piece to pop off the batt once it's dry enough.