Mug Handle Drape Form Kit

Mug Handle Drape Form Kit

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How to use the H&N Mug Handle Drape Form Kit.

This drape form is ideal for drying and shaping mug handles that are made separately from the mug body. It helps you to create a consistent shape and size more easily and quickly.  

Take a look at this demonstration video created for us by Emma Puddick Pottery.

How to use our mug handle forms: 

1-    Pull, extrude or cut your handles as you normally would. 

2-    Once you have the desired number of handles, drape them over the wooden form to allow them to harden to leather hard consistency (aim to match the dryness to that of the mug body).

3-    Trim to size using the wooden form as a guide.

4-    Score and slip the ends as per standard technique and attach to the mug body. 

5-    Cover with plastic for 24 hours and dry slowly/evenly to keep the dryness between the mug and the handle as equal as possible.

6-    All handles will now have the same curve and size.

7-     If you want to make a different shaped handle you can use the wooden form as a drying aid and you can add the handle to the mug body at a slightly damper consistency to allow for a degree of shape manipulation.

The H&N Mug Handle Drape Form Kit.

Kit includes;

1 x Drape Base
1 x Locking Bar
5 or 10 x Mug Handle Drapes in either rounded ear shape, or squared ear shape (choose from the drop down options).

You can purchase the standard version of drape inserts offered, or request a bespoke style. Please read further to see how this works, and information on design exclusivity.  

Bespoke Design (Available for resale) - You can send a design to us.  This needs to be a 'to scale' card cut-out of the shape you want us to make your mug drape.  We will create a CAD design that is the same shape as your cut-out.  We will share a preview of this design with you for approval.  Once approved, we will manufacture your design for you. This design may then be added to our range of mug handle shapes, and other customers will be able to buy it from us. 

Bespoke Design (Exclusive / Not for resale) - Send us your cut-out in the same way (as above).  If you choose the 'Exclusive' option, your design will not be added to our website and we will not make it available to purchase from us. We cannot guarantee that another customer won't request request a design that is very similar to yours. But we will guarantee that we will not intentionally copy any of the 'exclusive' designs submitted. 

Please note that manufacture of a bespoke Mug Handle Drape Form is likely to take a minimum of 15 days following the approval of the CAD design.

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    Form - Square Edge Rounded Base
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Great consistency

Really struggled to get my handles consistent each time and these forms have really helped with that.

Richard Farrell | London | January 2021