Heart Shaped Forms

Heart Shaped Forms

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Product Details

Our heart shaped forms are manufactured from 18 mm thick moisture resistant economy MDF.
They are available in two sizes. We also offer 2 different edge finishes, please see the pictures to help you choose between a 45 degree chamfer or rounded base.

This form is ideal for making serving dishes and bowls.  

There is no need for a pottery wheel, you can use them on a work station, table or bench. For guidance on how to use these forms, checkout our 'Drape Form Starter Kit''.  

There are also useful videos on our Instagram and IGTV accounts.  Click here to see 'How to use Hartley & Noble Drape Forms"

How to look after me

These forms are manufactured from our economy MDF material so please do not submerge in water as this can cause swelling and warping.
To clean just wipe with a damp sponge to remove any clay.
Do not use metal scourers or screwdrivers on these forms as I can cause damage to your form.

  • Size:
    7.5" x 7"
  • Thickness:
  • Material:
    Economy MDF
  • Edge Profile:
    45 Degree chamfer
  • Identifier Exists:
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  • Product Code:
  • Edit Product Manufacturing Category:
    Form - Chamfer
  • Product Manufacturing Category:
    Form - Chamfer
  • Brand:
    Hartley & Noble
  • Weight:
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TC - Northamptonshire

Great shape

I love this drape mould. I have the double stacked heart with a 45° chamfered edge. It works a treat. The two stacked together creates a bowl with a lovely depth, perfect as a centrepiece or for serving snack to guests. It is very easy to use and to form the clay around it. Once that clay has reached a soft leather hard the form simply pops out. Works Great with textures.