'FAB' Former & Batt System

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The FAB Former and Batt System by Hartley & Noble - for the Pottery Wheel

Would you like to make your own dinner service?  Or create a range of plates, bowls and deep dishes in a consistent shape and form without throwing?  If you have a pottery wheel, our FAB System will soon have you stocking your cupboards with dishes...or fulfilling repeatable orders for your customers. 

Simply pop the Master Batt on your wheel, select the size and depth of bowl you'd like to make, stack and lock the drape forms onto the batt, and hand form your dish at the wheel.  

If you have batt pins on your wheel, let us know the measurements and we will precision drill holes so that the batt fits just right.

You do not need batt pin bolts to use the FAB system, you can also secure it to your wheelhead using our Stay-Put Batt Rug. Just select the No Batt Pin version, and we will provide you with a Stay-Put Batt Rug.

Priced at: 
£85 for wheels with batt pins.  
£90 for wheels without batt pins (includes Stay-Put Batt Rug)

Video showing how to assemble the FAB system

The FAB system includes the following items:

* 1 x Master Batt and 1 x Riser Batt.  

* FAB Batt Pin Bolts - our unique interlocking design means that you can securely stack and lock your drape forms to create deeper dishes, or use them singularly to crate shallower plates.  

* 3 x stackable Pottery Drape Forms finished with 45 degree chamfer (measurements taken from widest part of form);
- Tier 1 230mm ( 9")
- Tier 2 193mm ( 7.635")
- Tier 3 157mm ( 6.25")

Tiers 2 & 3 diameter may vary slightly (+/- 1mm) due to thickness of the material used to manufacture the forms.

Please select your wheelhead size from the options provided.  If you can't find your size, please measure your wheelhead using an accurate measuring tape, and write your measurements in the 'Bespoke Design' box (Minimum size required is 300mm > Maximum size 400mm).

How to use the FAB System;

1/ Put the Master Batt onto your wheel head. (If using the Stay-Put Batt Rug just soak it in water, ay flat on wheelhead, then put batt on top).

2/ Insert two FAB pin bolts into the batt pin holes of the Master Batt.

3/ Select which Drape Tiers of your FAB you want to use, and slot them onto those batt pin bolts. Stack them for deeper dishes, or use on their own for single plates. 

4/ Wedge an appropriate sized ball of clay.  Using a rolling pin, roll your clay to a ¼ inch thick and even slab. (You could use the Hartley & Noble Work board and Rolling Pin Guide Set to make this process easier).

5/ Compress your slab of clay using a soft silicone rib. (Compression is key to avoiding cracking and excess shrinkage of clay as it dries).

6/ Drape the compressed side of your clay slab over the drape form. Gently smooth and mould the clay onto the form and the Master Batt using for fingers and the palms of your hands. 

7/ Take a soft silicone pottery rib and gently but firmly smooth your clay in one motion, whilst slowly turning the wheel.

8/ Take a soft, natural, damp sponge. Whilst slowly turning the wheel, apply even pressure with the sponge to neaten and form the shape of your dish.

9/ Using a needle tool cut around the excess clay that is on the Master Batt, to create the lip of your plate.. 

10/ In the excess clay that is on the Master Batt, cut a long, even strip of clay which will become your foot ring.

11/ Use a brush to apply some slip to the base ring of your plate. Then attach your foot ring to the slip, gently pushing it to adhere it to the base of the plate.  

12/ At this stage, you can use the RISER BATT to neaten and trim the lip of your dish.  Simply remove your drape form/s from the Master Batt by gently pushing your fingers through the large slots on the undeside and pushing upwards.  Transfer the FAB bolts to your Riser Batt.  Then slot the drape form/s onto the bolts of the RISER BATT.  This will lift your drape/s off the batt so that you can access the lip of your dish.   

13/ Take a soft, natural, damp sponge. Whilst slowly turning the wheel, apply even pressure with the sponge to shape and neaten both the lip and foot ring of the dish. 

14/ Lift the Riser Batt off the wheel. Leaving your formed dish in-situ on the drape/s.  Gently but firmly push the drape/s off the Batt by pushing your fingers through the large slots on the underside. 

15/ Set your dish aside to dry (with the former still in-situ). Ensure that you elevate it off of your workbench so that damp clay does not stick to your bench.  (You can use our 'Drape Form Rising Stars' for this).  

16/ Leave it until the clay has partially dried.  The time required for your plate to dry will vary according to the moisture of the clay, ambient temperature and humidity. We recommend that you check your dish every hour or so. When it is ready to be removed it will simply release from the form when you carefully turn the form upside down.

17/ Once the dish releases, finish any neatening up that you may like to do and then leave it to dry until ready for bisque firing.  

18/ Do not leave your dish to dry completely in the form.

How to look after me;

Please do not leave these products soaking in water as this can cause swelling and warping.  
To clean just wipe with a damp sponge to remove any clay.
Do not stack together, please dry & store horizontally.
Do not use metal scourers or screwdrivers as this can damage the protective laminate layer, and cause damage to your items.

Bespoke Orders
Please note that if an order is placed with bespoke features / sizes requested it will not be possible to offer any exchange products or refunds unless the items supplied are faulty or do not meet the ordered specification. 

Please be advised that we may choose to add any bespoke designs to our Product catalogue at a later date.  

Our current manufacturing time for bespoke orders requested using the 'bespoke' option, or emailed to us separately, is 14 working days. If your order is urgent please let us know and we will try prioritise it if our other customer commitments allow.

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